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Increase Your Attention Span With A Click. . . . .Or 2

Increase Your Attention Span With A Click. . . . .Or 2

A couple of weeks ago my sister told me she had changed her phone and iPad to greyscale. She said she had meet a computer scientist on their holiday and he had convinced her to try it. She said the first effects on her was a feeling of boredom while being on the phone. I was intrigued. As I was googling “how to change your phone to black and white” I came across a number of interesting articles. Attention is an interesting thing.

One study in 2016 indicated that Americans spend 2.5 – 4 hours per day on their phone, roughly being 18 hours per week (almost 1 whole day) on a phone. I’m guessing this may have gone up since then, even in Australia. I’m told that we can actually regain that 1 day per week with ease: by setting your phone to greyscale. How?? Because it’s bloody boring looking at a black and white screen. Our attention span decreases. Many moons ago we would see bright colours in nature and that would stimulate an area of our brain which would intrigue and interest our senses. I’m guessing it would have been like walking out of our cave and going “Wow! Look at the colours of the world” sniffing, itching, moving, eating, farting (because you’re not aloud to in the cave) and just being.

Unfortunately and fortunately companies have realised that LCD colour screens utilise this part of the brain that peaks our interest. This keeps us watching, looking, watching, looking, looking and watching. Setting the phone to grayscale removes nearly all of the neurological rewards while preserving almost all of its utility based value. Colourful icons give our brain shiny rewards every time we unlock it. When we set our phone to greyscale it stops those rewards, which stops the positive reinforcements. I’m not saying this is easy by a long shot, I think for me it may need a few try’s to keep it on greyscale for a while, but…. I think we can learn and understand that life can be pretty short and even shorter when we spend 1 to 2 months a year on our phone or iPad.

Ask me about this next time you’re in – it’s an interesting conversation!

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